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Small Shovel Big Solutions

Small Projects
Can Have a BIG Impact

Bringing Your Vision to Life with Expertise in Small Excavation and Off-the-Grid Services in Helena and the Surrounding Areas.

Our Services

We excel in handling small-scale excavation and dirt work projects with precision and expertise.

Earthmoving and dirt work

Property enhancement

Trail building and driveway grading

Gutter drain installation and repair

Site clearing, preparation and grubbing

Special projects

Tree pruning and stump removal

Pond digging and water feature building

Off-the-Grid services

Vacation or rental home maintenance

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs and Are Happy To Discuss The Project You Have in Mind.

Project Gallery

Discover the impact of our work in the Small Shovel Big Solutions project gallery. Witness the precision and expertise that define our projects, from small dirt work to landscaping and excavation.

Personalized Assistance and the Right Tools

Count on us to bring out the best in your property.

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“Small Shovel Big Solutions is able to do your full installation including the patio, lawn replacement and fence replacement. They come highly recommended for quality work, professionalism and fair prices.”

Elena - Helena, Montana

Homeowners in Helena, Montana

At Small Shovel Big Solutions in Helena, Montana, we prioritize building lasting relationships with homeowners. Our commitment to trust, open communication, and exceptional service sets us apart. With services including small dirt projects, excavation, handyman services, landscaping and hardscaping, paver installation, and more! We tailor our expertise to meet your unique needs. Experience our personalized approach and attention to detail for a satisfying start-to-finish journey.

Our dedicated team understands that even small projects can have a BIG impact.
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DIY Enthusiasts

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Small Shovel Big Solutions understands the demands of DIY projects and the need for timely completion. That's why we offer a unique service in Helena, Montana for DIY enthusiasts like you. With our expertise and experienced team, we can join you for a day to help with small excavation, firepit installation, outdoor living, animal and pet enclosures, trail building, pond digging, gutter drain installation, site clearing, trenching, or any other project you have in mind. By providing that extra set of hands, we ensure your project moves forward, allowing you to confidently tackle the rest of your DIY journey. Trust Small Shovel Big Solutions to be your reliable partner, supporting you every step of the way.


Off-The-Gridders & Homesteaders

Are you an off-the-gridder or homesteader looking for reliable solutions for your projects in Helena? Look no further than Small Shovel Big Solutions. We understand the unique needs of off-the-gridders and homesteaders and offer a range of services tailored to meet your requirements. From off-the-grid services such as solar panel installation and water catchment systems to excavation, landscaping, property consultation, and project planning, our experienced team provides the expertise, equipment, and support you need to create a self-sustainable and thriving homestead. With our personalized approach, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, Small Shovel Big Solutions is your trusted partner in turning your off-the-grid dreams into a reality. Experience the difference of working with a team that shares your passion and understands your vision. Discover the possibilities with Small Shovel Big Solutions in Helena and the surrounding areas.

We are the trusted partner that turns your off-the-grid dreams into a reality.

Property Managers

property manager services in helena montana.png

Attention property managers and vacation homeowners in Helena: Small Shovel Big Solutions is your go-to partner for all your property maintenance and enhancement needs. With our comprehensive range of services including landscaping, excavation, vacation home maintenance, drainage solutions, and property consultation, we are dedicated to maximizing the value and appeal of your properties. Our experienced team combines meticulous attention to detail with a personalized approach to ensure your satisfaction. Trust Small Shovel Big Solutions to deliver exceptional results and provide the peace of mind you deserve as a property manager or vacation homeowner. Discover the difference of working with a reliable and professional team. Unlock the full potential of your properties in Helena and the surrounding areas.

montana vacation home property services.png

Who We Are

About Our Company

Welcome to Small Shovel Big Solutions! As the owner, I am thrilled to be your trusted partner for small-scale construction, dirt work projects, and off-the-grid services in Helena. With over 17 years of experience, I take pride in delivering exceptional results while earning your trust. Our dedicated team treats your project with utmost care and personal attention. From small dirt work jobs to specialized excavation services, I am here to make a big impact on your property. Experience the difference with Small Shovel Big Solutions. Let's create something remarkable together.

Cody Heppner

Owner, Small Shovel Big Solutions

Our Partners

Trellis + Trowel

Established in 2021 and nestled in the heart of Helena, Montana, Trellis + Trowel specializes in crafting stunning and sustainable landscapes. Their passion lies in creating outdoor havens that not only enhance the natural ecosystem but also elevate your outdoor experiences. Visit the Trellis + Trowel website.

MT Pressure Washing

Montana Pressure Washing, our valued partner, brings a commitment to cleanliness and revitalization to Small Shovel Big Solutions. With their expertise in pressure washing and dedication to customer satisfaction, they ensure that our projects shine bright and look their best. Together, we work hand in hand to enhance the beauty and longevity of outdoor spaces across Montana. Visit the Montana Pressure Washing website.

Heppner Wood Works

Heppner Wood Works, our esteemed partner, brings a legacy of craftsmanship and quality to Small Shovel Big Solutions. With their expertise in woodworking and dedication to excellence, they enhance our projects with beautiful and durable wood elements. Together, we combine our strengths to create outdoor spaces that are both functional and visually captivating. Visit the Heppner Wood Works website.

With our expertise in small-scale projects and dedication to customer satisfaction, we'll be your reliable second pair of hands.

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